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Kenya Devolution Hub provides a comprehensive source of publications on the devolution of government in Kenya. Provided by the community of stakeholders working on the various thematic areas related to devolution & sub-national governments, it organises content from disparate sources in a way that is easy to find and share.
Devolution was a key feature of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and came into force upon promulgation of the constitution. The glide path included the formation of institutions, the passing of various laws and after the March 2013 elections, 47 sub-national governments each led by a Governor and his Deputy. Each county also has a County Assembly with elected, as well as nominated members, making up the house. Each assembly is led by a Speaker and functions as an arm of the devolved government making legislation and exercising oversight over the executive.
The journey so far has resulted in the production of research documents, policy briefs, articles and handbooks addressing a broad range of issues, many of which are part of the devolved functions explicitly described in the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya 2010. This portal aggregates this work, produced by various stakeholders including governments, into a single space for ease of discoverability and sharing.

Governance Structure and How to Contribute

Organised by county, by devolved function and by source, you can find information related to any of the devolved functions and the counties which they address. The platform is both an online space and a community of practitioners working on devolution in Kenya. As a platform it features architecture that is primarily web-based and driven by standards compliant technology to allow content to be moderated, updated with ease and for users to be added and managed. As a community, Kenya Devolution Hub has a governance mechanism formed by participating civil society organisations who support the moderation of content and ensure quality assurance. Users can also rate the content so that the community can find content that is rated high on quality. To contribute content, simply create an account and follow the instructions.

Our Partners

Kenya Devolution Hub is made possible by the organisations providing content, those providing human resource and those providing funding. Key partners include the World Bank, The Devolution Forum and Open Institute.


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