Frequently Asked Questions

What is Devolution Hub?

Kenya Devolution Hub provides a comprehensive source of publications on the devolution of government in Kenya. The platform is both an online space and a community of practitioners working on devolution in Kenya. For more information, see our About Us page.

What kinds of resources are included in the Portal?

Resources available on the portal include key legislation, key government reports, reports by non-government producers, policy briefs, handbooks, papers and articles.Where does the content come from?Resources available on the portal are provided by partners or are published by government institutions on their respective websites.

Can I share content from the portal in other places?

Yes. One can publish links to the content in other places as the content on the portal is licensed to be shared. However, resources that are not on the portal but have links pointing to them require express permission from the source as they are not resident on Kenya Devolution Hub.

My publication has been added to the portal but I did not authorise it. How can I have it taken down?

Yes you can. Please send an email to [email protected] giving details of the infringement and it will be removed from the portal once your request is processed. Who do I contact for questions about my account?If you have encountered any problems using the portal, especially using your account or registering for one, send an email to [email protected].

How can institutions contribute to the Portal?

Any institution wishing to be part of the Kenya Devolution Hub community can get in touch with the secretariat via [email protected].

Can an individual contribute content to the portal?

Yes. Register for an account and follow [these] instructions. Please note that only resources for which you have permission to share should be uploaded to the portal.

Who supports the Portal?

The portal is developed by Open Institute with support from development partners. The community of civil society organisations providing content and governance is coordinated by The Devolution Forum. The portal is also supported by Kenya School of Government, the World Bank, the Council of Governors and other government institutions that provide important resources on devolution.


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